Social Media Marketing The Blue Whale of Your Marketing Budget

This post is an introduction to social media marketing for beginners. The post explains the following:

  • What is social media marketing?
  • Makes the case for presence on social media.
  • Ways in which you can create, promote and manage not only content on multiple social media sites but also your omnipresence.
  • A summary of why social media marketing is a necessity.

What is social media marketing for businesses?

We have all heard of social media sites and social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and last but not the least, WhatsApp. Even you must have a personal profile set up on these social media sites. But, have you set up a profile for your business? If not, why not? This is where your customers can interact with your brand. Check in to your store. Boast about their latest purchase on social media! You are missing out on the entire realm of identifying, profiling and targeting customer profiles through social media marketing.

  • This post isn’t going to rant about what you should be doing in social media marketing. Instead of this post is here to explain to you the necessity of engaging with your customers, on social media sites, where they are most receptive.

  • There is no need to be afraid of the deep blue sea of social media marketing, where there are multiple social media sites. We at Social Neeti will sail you through.


How does social media marketing work for businesses?

There are two ways of engaging with your customers on social media sites. The first is organic traffic, where you entertain your existing and potential customers with graphic and engaging content multiple times in a week on social media sites. This enhances your understanding of how your brand is perceived on social media and enables you to strategise what you want to be perceived as and what you don’t want to be remembered for. This is why you need to be clear about your social media marketing requirements and have them fulfilled by a trusted social media marketing agency. Although posting on social media sites is absolutely free of cost, quality ideation isn’t. Quality ideation is the foundation for good and strong social media marketing.

  • Social Neeti professionally creates and curates engaging content for your page and handle your social media requirements.


The next is paid marketing through which interested leads are driven to your business. It leads to quality conversions as it targets those who are interested in similar products. The most prominent advantage of paid marketing is maximised visibility. We aren’t just talking brand awareness, but also brand equity.

However, the deep blue sea of unchartered territory also has its darkness.


Organic social media marketing campaigns takes time to generate the desired results. Paid marketing campaigns are instantaneous, give you the desired reach and cross targets with respect to revenue spent. In addition, limited resources could be a further challenge with the responsibilities of handling queries and managing customer contact, because with social media you are omnipresent.  Online guides to social media marketing don’t take you personally and usually only list average metrics which might not even apply to a business like yours. You require a tried and tested hypothesis for running social media campaigns. Hence, it is advisable that if your social media marketing is on the back burner, it should be brought forward with Social Neeti, a professional digital marketing agency.