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Social Media Marketing

The right mix of creative designs and content marketing to boost reachability of prospective clients.

Do you want your brand to be visible to your target audience?

Do you want your brand to engage with your target audience and convert them into customers? You need to hire a social media expert who will be able to provide timely creative content as well as ace content marketing which is consistent with your branding strategy.

You need someone to boost your reachability to your prospective customers, while also helping you stand out in the crowd of competition.

You need Social Neeti.



We provide complete branding solutions with top notch designing and zero compromise on quality

In this era of micro-impressions, each glance, each touch counts. Imprint your brand on your customer’s minds with our branding strategy.

Right from arresting logo designs to embossed diaries and striking packaging boxes. Simple things matter- tent cards, brochures, menu cards and office stationery.

We’d know- we are already providing our clients with top-notch branding solutions with zero compromises on quality.

Website Development

Affordable website design and development with high quality service

You generally have 10 seconds to grab attention before your visitor bounces off your website. Social Neeti’s beautifully designed, perfectly functional websites boast of lower bounce rates.

Whether you need a makeover for your website or a brand new one to establish your web presence, we can help. Our services range from providing killer SEO content, to designing absolutely gorgeous customized templates.

Everything we do is focused on clearly conveying who you are, what you do, how and why you do it.


Corporate Presentations

We help conveying the most important details of your business in the most engaging way

Who said being professional is boring? If you are in a B2B business, you need to flaunt professionalism the right way. We are great with engaging corporate presentations that showcase your trustworthiness and expertise, since our team is built on the same foundation. Our focus is conveying the most important details of your business in the most palatable and memorable form. And judging by the positive reviews from our clients, we are pretty good at it.



A complete result driven service customised to your business requirements to generate the maximum ROI

Google is the go-to answer for every question. Usually people go to Google when they are actively looking for a solution to some problem. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they found you just when they needed you? We make sure they do.

The SEO experts at Social Neeti boost the SERPs of web pages for the top keywords of your niche – with the best SEO tactics in the industry. In simple words, we make it easier for Google to fall in love with you.

Google AdWords

We focus on highly effective paid search campaigns to monitor website analytics and conversions

Times have changed since a Google Ad meant pages stuffed with keywords and turning off prospective customers. People have changed the way they search and buy. If they don’t find what they’re looking for, they simply leave.

With Google AdWords, you can boost your site and pages to a sweet spot on the search results- right at the top. However, there’s no guarantee that the prospective customer landing on your page will stay there and convert into a customer.

With Social Neeti, you can rule out the doubt. We combine dynamic copywriting and smart branding to smoothly guide your customers towards that sparkling CTA.

Content Marketing

We focus on highly effective paid search campaigns to monitor website analytics and conversions

Content is not King; it is a Kingdom. And only the out of the box- the fearlessly creative and wonderfully engaging content thrives in this kingdom long enough to make an impression on the minds of the #SwipeLife audience.

Armed with the most unique ideas and killer skills, our enthusiastic team harnesses the true potential of content marketing. Our mission is to never be boring or irrelevant, and our clients testify that we have succeeded in our noble quest. Irrespective of the medium, we ensure highest quality content to convey a clear message across to your past and future customers.

Reach Thousands Of Visitors