Whether you’re planning on managing your SEO strategy in-house or you want to hire a marketing agency to handle it for you, it’s important to be well-versed in the best SEO practices for your business.

Being well versed with the best SEO practices for F&B Sector through Google My Business is essential as it builds your presence locally using the following SEO practices

Keywords Refinement:
Refine keywords and keep your website content fresh for regular website traffic. 56% actions on GMB are website visits

2. Create a Digital Menu:

Keep your digital menu handy on GMB for better reach. 64% customers use GMB to find details on local F&B outlets.

3. Manage Brand Reputation:

Brand Reputation Management using GMB, encourage your customers to leave their reviews as it increases credibility by 67%

4. Utilise QR Codes:

Use dynamic QR codes to improve customer experience. QR codes improve sales, customer usage and the review process.

5. Leverage PPC Campaigns

Use PPC campaigns to promote your business locally using your GMB listing. PPC Campaigns improve traffic and SEO and bring in local traffic to your business.

Use these mentioned techniques to leverage the power of Google My Business and its impact on your SEO ranking.

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